Driving in France - COVID restrictions

Driving restrictions due to COVID in France

The current restrictions are not related to driving. There are restricted to either distance from your house, time of day, or reason for being out.

Being on foot, in a car, metro, plane or spaceplane makes no difference.

France driving covid restrictions

Electric cars in France

The rise of the electric car in France

As in the rest of Europe (and the US, and China), electric cars are starting to be a very real fixture on the roads. Teslas, Peugeots, and more than anything else, the local champion the Renault Zoe, can be seen on all roads.

Charging infrastructure

The charging infrastructure is quite plentiful in the cities. Public parking in the street, commercial centers/malls, are all options for charging, for free.

This however is mostly low speed charging inadequate for a quick refill on the way to Provence.

Driving in France

France is a big country in the middle of Europe. Whether you come to France by air and plan to rent a car there, or plan to drive through the country from your home to your vacation place, say from the UK to Spain, or whether you plan to drive from your country to your vacation place in France, say from Germany to Perpignan, you are likely to experience driving in France.
France has a pretty comprehensive and well maintened network of roads and highways. Road surfaces are usually good. Signalisation is excellent.